DumbPhones with WhatsApp Selection

DumbPhones with WhatsApp Selection


While dumb phones offer a stripped-down mobile experience, users may feel the need to access certain commonly used applications for their daily lives. This is where the convergence between dumb phones and a few specific applications comes into play. By thoughtfully integrating carefully selected features, feature phones can benefit from an increase in their utility while retaining their simplicity and autonomy.


Nokia 6300

The Nokia 6300 stands as a sturdy reference in the realm of feature phones, offering some essential applications: WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Maps. It operates on KaiOS and performs well in both Wi-Fi and 4G environments.

However, it occasionally experiences malfunctions that require a reboot.

TTfone TT240

At a more affordable price point, the TT240 also includes WhatsApp and even YouTube.

Note: WhatsApp on this device supports only text and voice messages.

We’re looking at a phone that offers excellent value for money.

Energizer h280

Well-positioned in terms of price, this robust phone benefits from Energizer‘s expertise to deliver a quality experience on KaiOS. All the advantages of a dumb phone, but with practical applications like WhatsApp!

To top it off, the phone comes with a 3-year warranty.

An option worth considering!

myPhone Up

Slightly more expensive than the TT, this phone suffers from issues with sound quality and may encounter charging problems. In our opinion, it’s not a model to favour.

Relevant applications for a balanced experience

Some essential applications may be considered for use on feature phones, such as instant messaging apps, GPS navigation apps, and music player apps. By allowing access to these popular features, users can enjoy the benefits of a larger screen, better battery life, and a simplified user interface while staying connected to the services and information they need on a daily basis.

Feature phones that combine the features of dumbphones with a selection of applications can represent an interesting option for users seeking a balance between simplicity and connectivity. These basic phones offer an attractive alternative to smartphones, providing a stripped-down mobile experience while allowing access to some commonly used applications.