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Which Basic Phone Will Suit the Best for my Teenager?


Take advantage of this comparison to assess the most suitable and appealing dumbphones for teenagers.

These basic phones will help them avoid the allure of overly engaging screens, the stress of social media, while still allowing them autonomy to communicate with their friends through SMS, voice calls, and even WhatsApp for some feature phones.


1 – Nokia Xpress, Music First!

Is your teenager a music enthusiast? Does (s)he want to combine a phone with a music player? Then the Nokia Xpress is perfect for him/her, merging a phone and a walkman with a lovely screen capable of displaying CD covers.

It cleverly incorporates wireless earphones that fit into the phone and recharge there. Superb ergonomics, and a simple phone that still stays current!

2 – Nokia 6300, a Bit of Social Network!

If you want to offer your teenager a minimal set of social networks, this feature phone could be suitable: it includes WhatsApp, Facebook, within a phone that remains simple and basic.

However, its interface may experience some sluggishness, making it less than ideal for individuals accustomed to high responsiveness.

A cheaper alternative, of lesser quality; the myPhone Up:

3 – Punkt MP02, top of the line

With its e-reader-like screen, high-quality materials, all in a compact format, the Punkt offers a very high-end version of the dumbphone.

4G compatible, it also provides highly relevant features such as hotspot capability.

Another advantage: it is compatible with the Signal messaging system.

Its only drawback is, of course, its price, which is too close to that of a smartphone.

4 – Nokia 105, for its simplicity

The Nokia 105 is a phone of great simplicity and affordability, yet it maintains decent build quality and an adequate battery.

This can be a good choice for those on a tight budget who still want a satisfactory level of quality.

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